UPMC Presbyterian

Address: 200 Lothrop Street
Phone: (412) 647-2345
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Category: Hospital
Check Ins: 14664


  • Cory Holmes

    Don't die!
  • Don Bell

    Thank God this place has a Starbucks! What would we do without it LOL.
  • ???

    So clean and awesome! A beautiful fishtank in the waiting area and Starbucks. I feel comforted! <3
  • Paul Folsom

    nurses are excellent.
  • Mariah Froncek

    Surprisingly, the hospital food is really good.
  • Julie Miller

    Nurse Jon on 7D is wonderful.
  • Charlie Atherley-Wilson

    The staff in Ambulatory surgery are all awesome!!!
  • Katrina Townley-Jones

    Everything about this hospital is Wonderful My son had eye surgery last Wednesday and EVERYONE from the ER to Post op was AMAZING! Thank you!
  • Brandon Yeckel

    It's like an episode of Scrubs!
  • Sherri

    Hoping for a quick and painless day.
  • Jennifer Kurtzman

    Participate in research
  • Jamie Nentwick

    cafeteria is good. get well soon!!
  • J. Allen Brown

    Live and breathe.
  • Nicole Hofstetter

    Security is def tight in the ER
  • Matt Myers

    Great place to sleep during the bomb threats.
  • Kristen Chesnavich

    The nurses on 7g are great!
  • Rob Ferry

    If staying at local hotels be sure and ask for UPMC rates for hotel and parking at hotel. Significantly cheaper.
  • Srinivas Deshraju

    Quite nice hospital.. But they don't understand vegetarian food.. Kept bringing us meat and fish! I mean really?
  • Grenelda Douds

    Neuro Technician Steve was awesome!
  • Don (wilytongue) Shandor JR

    Be patient they take their time seeing you.
  • Susan Probst

    Family Lounge Has Comfy Chairs!
  • Tracy Trunzo

    Love Dr O. He put me back together. ?
  • Queen Kimenehana Shoobeezelbopity

    Do yourself a favor and don't bring knitting to occupy your time while waiting for someone. They won't let you take it in.
  • K.Rose Quayle

    Gift shop on 1 sells stamps individually. Cash only
  • Rebekah Faith

    I think parking is free today for the holidays... The thing that gives out tickets had a note blocking the ticket giver.
  • Paul Folsom

    long term people can receive validation to park for $4.00