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    Built in the style of "classic" stadiums, such as Pittsburgh's Forbes Field, PNC Park also introduced unique features, such as the use of limestone in the building's facade
  • ESPN

    PNC has delicious grub (Primanti Bros, do it) & extraordinary views of the burgh along the third base line. Lloyd McClendon probably ripped out first base in 01 to have a souvenir of this place.
  • Pepsi

    Nicest ballpark in PA, if not MLB. Cheer on the Pierogie races in the 5th inning. Go Bucs!
  • Sports Authority

    Hungry? Try a delicious Manny Sanguillen pulled pork sandwich. He may be there to serve it to you!
  • Keith McBride

    see a Pirates game
  • Pittsburgh Pirates

    Did you know John Vander Wal hit the first Pirates homer at PNC Park on April 11, 2001? Now you do.
  • Jeff M

    Go to PNC Park. Yes, it's more than likely the Pirates will lose while you're there, but I'll bet you'll have a good time anyway!
  • Ryan Sprake

    Park downtown for $5 and walk across the Roberto Clemente Bridge. You need the exercise.
  • The Grio

    This exhibit preserves the history of the Negro Baseball Leagues.
  • Joe Bernard

    Regardless of how bad the team is, it's a beautiful place to spend a summer day. Trust me, its one of if not THE most beautiful stadium in MLB.
  • Jennifer Duceour

    Let's Go Bucs!
  • Pittsburgh Pirates

    Welcome to PNC Park! Check in using At the Ballpark to unlock special offers and explore the stadium right from your phone.
  • Jason K

    Get some lemonade from the lemon-aaaaaadeeee guy. Pittsburgh staple
  • Ken Burns

    On Aug. 5, 1921, radio station KDKA in Pittsburgh broadcast a ball game between the Pirates and the Phillies. For the first time, fans who lived miles from the ball park could follow the action.
  • MLB

    Need a new Facebook photo? Pose with your favorite legends Wagner, Stargell and Clemente outside of PNC Park.
  • Dan Gigler

    Best ballpark in America, hands down. Unfortunately, its the worst baseball team.
  • Adele S.

    Go to a Pirates Game and eat Quaker Steak and Lube! Watch the Great Pittsburgh Pierogy Race N'at .. ROOT FOR CHEESE
  • Keith McBride

    spin one of the prize wheels for chances to win hats, shirts, or tickets
  • Burgher Jon

    The club seats are worth it. Great food.
  • Sean Dolinar

    Scoreboard and in-game entertainment is amazing!
  • Scott

    Get cheaper food at Bucaroos near Legacy Square.
  • Doug Ray

    It's the best Stadium in baseball. Get a bucket of wings from Quaker Stake and Lube on the main level behind home plate.
  • Pittsburgh Pirates

    Dont forget to use At Bat on your Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod, BlackBerry or Windows 7 device to follow all the action on the field and around the league while you are at the park.
  • Joseph Professori

    I know the Pirates are not that great, but my kids love going to PNC Park, we always have great seats and the memories of them seeing great players, catching homeruns in batting practice is priceless!
  • Jeremy Yankosky

    At least I go to PNC Park to the pirates game to unlock the swarm badge unliKE Jackie Price who cheats and is at mcfaddens and checks in at PNC Park to get the swarm badge CHEATER!!!
  • Lauren :D

    one of the best sports arenas around.
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Smorgasburgh at Section 110; Hall of Fame Club located behind left field; Pop's Plaza Food Court at Section 129.
  • American Eagle Outfitters

    Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, PNC offers the best ballpark food in the country, a beautiful skyline view of the Burgh, and Americana spirit.- Jonathan, Marketing Coordinator
  • Shawn Cloonan

    Best ball park view in the league.
  • Tim Tender

    Can't beat the view!
  • Sarah J.

    Best ballpark in the country! Let's go bucs!
  • Steve Rickard

    Everyone that wrote "pirates suck" should be banned from the park. Support you team no matter what jag-offs!!
  • Jason T.

    Dont waste your money watchin the Pirates. You are better off spending it on a mud sandwich topped with moldy cheese and stale bread and eating it
  • Jeremy Mayernik

    The club level is definitely worth the upgrade.
  • visitPA

    Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, this intimate, classic-style ballpark was named the top ballpark in America by TripAdvisor in 2014 and 2013. Its scenic downtown vistas add urban drama to every game.
  • Jake Watt

    You are enjoying the best view in the Majors, now wouldn't some I.C. Light go well with that?
  • Mark

    Check out the General Robinson Grill by section 115 and get the Polish Hill Dog, a foot-long hot dog topped with cole slaw, onion straws, and mini pierogies. It puts Primanti Bros. to shame.
  • Will Moore

    Pirates College Cove Tickets: $20 and include $10 food voucher!!
  • Michael Joint

    Don't come on dollar dog night unless you love waiting in line.
  • Westly J

    order 3 beers, when there is a 2 beer max at a time.
  • Sam Sankovich

    The Best Ballpark in America!
  • Mike Timko

    You owe it to yourself to sit in left field sometime. There's always shenanigans to be had. Very easy to harrass the visitor's left fielder.
  • Gretchen Oberfeitinger

    Visit Derek in Lexus sec 14, he's the best he'll get you pretzels ;)
  • Hannah K

    I'm a right field/first base side gal, but having sat everywhere in this ballpark (except for the Lexus Club), there's not a bad seat in the place.
  • Holly Tinter

    Wth a guy just got tasered?!
  • Kesha Pate

    The Pirates suck, but this is a great place just to enjoy the view with a beer and hotdog. Cheap tickets and a Giant Eagle Advantage card discount on Sundays.
  • Joe P

    Hey the team sucks but the park is awesome
  • visitPA

    Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, this intimate, classic-style ballpark was named the top ballpark in America by TripAdvisor in 2013. Its scenic downtown vistas add urban drama to every game.
  • Marty Magnuminious

    Best food in MLB by far at Gunner's Restaurant. The hot Italian sausage is fantastic and the servers and barmaids (Anita, Jessica. Jill), waitress (Sally) and Shawn at Wagner's Ice Cream ROCK!!
  • Sports Illustrated

    Check It Out: A very 'lifelike' statue of Roberto Clemente stands right outside the park! Can you duplicate the picture?
  • Scott Michael

    Do the fucking wave!
  • Sam Sankovich

    Only have one thing to say... "The Best Ballpark in America"!
  • Gretchen Altman

    Fireworks are out of this world!!
  • BeachHopper

    Best ballpark in American. Love the view of the Pittsburgh skyline.
  • ? Courtney S. ?

    Pirates Game!! If you have a girl/guy that can eat you can sit in the ALL YOU CAN EAT SEATS! My favorite: Nachos, but only 1 serving LOL...
  • Casey Neese

    The pierogie races are hilarious.
  • Jenn Grover

    Be might catch a bad case.of.Buccos fever by spending too much time here. :)
  • Carrie & Stephen

    The 3rd base line houses the Pirates dugout, and gives you a great view of the city as well as the players entering and exiting the field.
  • Kaitlyne K.

    Let's go buccossss!
  • Marty Magnuminious

    Eat at Gunners Restaurant in the Club. They have by far the best food in PNC Park and the Hot Italian Sausage is awesome!!!
  • Scott Kleinberg

    The best ballpark in baseball.
  • Lilith Fury

    Whether there is a game going on or not, the gift shop is always open. Plus, if you check in on forsquare beforehand then you get a 15%off discount.
  • GlobalPittsburgh

    Connect with Pittsburgh's international communities at Look for us on Facebook and Twitter, too.
  • Jay Lostetter

    Punch a phily fan in the face.
  • Rob Wilhoit

    Most beautiful view of the city!
  • Kevin Saftner

    Before and after the game stop by James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy. Cheap beer and free parking all around the place
  • Mike Timko

    You HAVE to try the pulled pork and pierogies sandwich. Instant sex in your mouth.
  • shane pilster

    Cheap seats all day! Go to to get even better seats for even cheaper
  • Michael D'Angelo

    Crap beer costs more than craft beer here. $6.75 dogfish bottles at section 109
  • Brian Wedlock

    The buccos!
  • Correy Robertson

    Not a bad seat in the house. Let's go buccos!
  • Brad Bitzer

    If the weather is looking less than ideal, spring for tickets at Pittsburgh Baseball Club level. During a rain delay, the indoor seating is perfect and there are pool tables to play as you wait.
  • Joe Niebel

    Best Saturday event in Pittsburgh. Lets go bucs
  • Denise

    Best seats section 117. Let's go Bucs!
  • Michelle

    Always try to get to the game early to beat the traffic coming to the pirate game
  • April Keul

    Try the pulled pork stacker. Two pierogies sit atop pulled pork nestled between a pretzel roll. Yum!
  • Chip D.

    Excellent views of the Pittsburgh skyline. Easily ranks alongside Coors Field and Kauffman Stadium as one of the best post-World War II era parks in baseball.
  • Ian Petty

    Greatest ballpark in the majors!
  • Brandon Lawrence

    Best post game beer special...$2.50 any beer
  • Eryn Perkins

    Pulled pork perogie slammer is WIN!
  • Jon D

    Best minor league ball park in the nation!
  • Sean Steimer

    Go up to the Trib club before or after the game.
  • Youngkuk Kim

    LET'S GO BUCS!! I luv this PNC Park!!
  • Jack Stevenson

    The Pittsburgh Baseball Club tickets are worth the price. Air conditioned bathrooms and a ton of other amenities.
  • Shane Bailey

    Primanti Pitts-Burgher Cheese Steak is enough for 2 to split but add Red Devil hot sauce & grab some napkins & towelettes for this hot mess!
  • Shane Bailey

    $5 beers my ass!
  • Anthony Failla

    Chicken nachos in food court. Most food for your buc
  • Anthony Failla

    $5 yuenglings and penn pilsner at the pizza shop behind the left field bleachers. Cheapest beers in the park
  • Kenito

    Get there early and enjoy the gorgeous ballpark! All-You-Can-Eat Seats are worth the price. $35 in advance and $40 day of game. All the hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, ice cream sandwic
  • Halli Simmons

    Go Tigers!
  • Esteban Spectacular

    Ball club level is the best place to sit in the park
  • Brett

    Great view anywhere in the park, and huge selection of food to choose from. And compared to other ballparks, pretty affordable too. Park is beautiful, with a great view of Pittsburgh as well.
  • Ben Niebel

    Stand along the fence in left-center for a nice view into the Pirates' bullpen.
  • Elizabeth Hutter

    It was such a good game I loved it. :)
  • Joseph K
  • visitPA

    The home of the Pittsburgh Pirates is an intimate, classic-style ballpark. Its scenic vistas of the downtown skyline and Allegheny riverfront provide viewers a dramatic urban backdrop to every game.
  • PSU-Lion Di

    Sign up Designated Driver program (at Section 101, first base line) and get a free small pop.
  • Scott Z

    Well deserved honor as the best park in MLB. Worth the trip, go Bucs!
  • Marty Magnuminious

    Get the Hot Italian Sausage at Gunners in the PBC Club
  • Matt Brisley

    Brought the kids here for a couple of games. We've been to Fenway, Citi, and Yankee Stadium and this is by far the best park. Worth the 470 mile trip. Pittsburgh is a very traveler friendly city.
  • Painting With A Twist

    Best Ball Park in the majors. Great view of the city from anywhere in the park. Lets go Bucs! They also have a play ground for the little ones.
  • Mark J

    Have to agree..."the best" ballpark.
  • tolu

    Get a good beer for 2.50 at the Rivertowne Brewing Hall of Fame Club after the game. It is in left field
  • Dana Carpenter

    Pirates lost to Nationals - score 6:4. :-(
  • Marty Magnuminious

    Eat at Gunners in the PBC
  • Julian Perez

    Todas las ubicaciones son excelentes!
  • Amanda Aggen

    Go, if not to see a winning game for the Pirates, at least for the view!
  • Tim Morse

    Bring lots of money.
  • Joe Snyder

    Sorry....but the Twins stadium in MN is way better!!!
  • Erin Kelly

    Go to the Hall of Fame Club after the games. Cheap drinks and appetizers!
  • John Zang

    Sit behind home plate.
  • Tim Marnell

    One of the greatest places for family or just a date. Win or lose this is a beautiful place and the atmosphere will leave a smile plastered on your face. Food n beer are ridiculously over priced tho.
  • Neil McConville

    Lemonaide guy RIP!!!
  • Nancy Gormley

    Don't come when Ohlendorf pitches!
  • Joe Hughes

    Tell Jimmy not to be such a GDI
  • Jim Fisher

    Get to the game early and go for a walk around the stadium. The views of the city are amazing.

    Jose Tabata has hit safely in all 16 career games against St. Louis and is 5-for-9 (.555) lifetime against Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse.

    See what's going on and get specials and deals by visiting!
  • MB Solomon

    The Pirates are #1. Friday, 22nd July.
  • Douglas North Cook

    Get your dad to take you to the Lexus club for free and eat a million short ribs during the rain delay.
  • ??Tambra ?? Brown??

    The Pirates give away the best prizes!! :)
  • Alison K ?

    The Pirates are awful but the ballpark is awesome! Get cheap tickets and cheer the Suckos on to another losing season!
  • Caroline Hirt

    Tired of cheap $7 beer? Get good $7 beer - dogfish head 60 min or other craft - at 125 or 137. (They're the little kiosks opposite the food vendors.)
  • Brett Yoh

    Awesome park!!! Too bad the Pirates have sucked for 20 years!!!
  • Josh

    Enjoy the luxury suites
  • Kenito

    What a great place to take in a baseball game! Lots of bars and hotels around the stadium and a short walk across Roberto Clemente Bridge to downtown Pittsburgh.
  • David Potts

    The lines at the concession stands off the main concourse often have significantly shorter lines.
  • John Zang

    They serve craft beer!
  • Michael Jones

    All you can eat seats are a great value, but only if you're not looking for unique dining at the ball park. The cheeseburgers and nachos were my favorites.
  • Jaime Kupfner

    The Pirates
  • Jaime Kupfner

    Everything lets go BUCS!
  • Heather

    Baseball heaven!! WithHope & Macy!! ??
  • John Mann

    Beautiful view of downtown. Best Food at PNC Park: Primanti Bros and Chickie and Pete's Crab Fries. If you need help deciding which Seats to purchase for your next Pittsburgh Pirates game, check out
  • Mike Griffiths

    One of the most beautiful parks in the US. The surrounding bars and restaurants are a great place to hang out before the game and Federal Street has a great post-game atmosphere.
  • Mike Barker

    Incredible view of city. Perfect location.
  • Mike Barker

    My favorite ballpark in all of MLB ??
  • Travis

    Great game!!!!
  • Monica Bernatowicz

    Pirate game!!!
  • Elizabeth Dunham

    Lets go bucks!
  • Amol K

    The view of the Allegheny River and dahntahn Pittsburgh ??
  • Monica Bernatowicz

    Pirate game!!!!!
  • Tyler Tomasino

    Park over at First Avenue Garage (near the County Jail) for $5 and take the T to the North Shore for free! Cheaper parking and a quicker exit helps beat the traffic.
  • Tyler Tomasino

    Pay extra and buy tickets in the Pirates Baseball Club. Well worth it. Better food (better quality, no more expensive), less crowds, fewer children, better atmosphere.
  • Angela Sanchez De Aristiguieta

    Viendo a Miguel Cabrera y Victor Martinez en PNC Park
  • Sarah Hysong

    Let's Go BUCS! BDAY TIME
  • Monica Bernatowicz

    Pirate game!!!!
  • Ralph Werner

    Nicest stadium I've been too great seats wherever you sit!! Like view of the city and 3 rivers!
  • Sam

    The craft beer selections are great!
  • Barb

    Best ballpark in America
  • Michael Jones

    Best view of the Pittsburgh skyline in town!
  • Daniel Poletti

    The view of downtown
  • Eric M.

    This is undoubtedly the most amazing ballpark in Major League Baseball. The sweeping views of PGH, the food, the experience of walking across the Roberto Clemente bridge for a game, & the fireworks!!
  • Christopher Peter

    After seventh inning stretch, get booze at the deck by right field or Rivertowne Brew Pub in left.
  • The Wall Street Journal

    Catch a Pirates gameand stellar views of the Roberto Clemente Bridge and downtown skyline.
  • Linda Jones

    Stayed a few blocks away. Walked to park. Loved the pierogie race!! A fun ballpark
  • Braxton Stedman

    Go bucs! Love the nachos
  • David Strasser

    Intimate design. Beautiful location. They don't call it the best ballpark in the country for nothing, folks.
  • Joseph K

    No pun intended, but this ballpark is a HomeRun in every way!
  • Darius Weatherspoon

    If you've never been. Go! The Bucs are a great team to watch preform. Great ball park with not one bad seat in the house. Great view of Pittsburgh and perfect location to do anything after the game.
  • Geno

    Let's Go Buc'a
  • visitPA

    The home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, this intimate, classic-style ballpark was named the top ballpark in America by TripAdvisor in 2013. Its scenic downtown vistas add urban drama to every game.
  • Brandon Gross

    Best ballpark in AmericA
  • Gabe Johnson

    "Best Ballpark in America"
  • Steve L

    Not a bad seat in the house. Nachos and jalapenos are a must. Nice standing view in the left field area.
  • Bradley Jones

    Pirates suck. Always have always will. Go Cardinals!!!
  • Vasil Trickov

    pirates vs padres live
  • J. Bradshaw

    Try the smoke house hot dog. Pulled pork on a hot dog with BBQ sauce. Tasty.
  • Jesse Legg

    The Buccaroos kids concession is by left field entrance and has really good prices (eg. $1 Cokes)
  • Christopher Hale

    Best ballpark in the Majors.
  • Will Robertson

    Fantastic ballpark! Very fan friendly as the reviews suggest.
  • Rosanna LaPier

    Nice park. Terrible fair weather fans.
  • Deb Maze

    Let's go Bucs
  • Danielle Rhinelander

    Pirates are rocking this year!
  • Chrissi Richards

    Beautiful view, good food & awesome ice cream! Go BUCS!!
  • Mike Albery

    Baseball is the new football
  • Amanda Amand

    Beautiful park and friendly to the STL fans like us who were in for the game. Drink the Yuengling --- local beer is best
  • DJ Flem

    Take in the game in the Hall of Fame club. Enjoy a sit down dinner in the air conditioning with amazing sight lines from the outfield. No special ticket needed.
  • Cameron Kyle

    Visiting from Niagara Falls, Canada. One of the best looking parks in America! Pirates fan for the day :) !!
  • Bob Kaltenbaugh

    Let's go Bucs, please!
  • James Santelli

    If you have never had a Primanti Bros. sandwich, this is the place to get one. Go for the Pittsburgher!
  • Dan Menzel

    Brianna we need to go to a game together!!!!
  • Randall

    Best view of the 19 ballparks we have visited!
  • Scott Kleinberg

    The Lexus Club tickets are actually a great value. #BallparkBlitz
  • Scott Kleinberg

    I was married here during a Pirates-Cubs game on Sept. 8, 2007. A wonderful place
  • Scott Kleinberg

    Let's go Bucs! Let's go Bucs!
  • Scott Kleinberg

  • Former User Foister

    First timer? First go take a tour of the ballpark before the game, it is worth the cost. While on tour grab some dirt off field. Then get a first game certificate. You get one free refill also.
  • Alex D.

    Best record in baseball. Just sayin'.
  • Stadium Journey

    Beautiful view, great food in the park, and tons of entertainment in the area. Check out some of our suggestions!
  • Neil Bartoe

    Let go Bucs
  • John Shoup

    Potato Patch on 2nd level now!
  • T dawg

    If you are planning an event here and you are talking to a woman named Kimberly ask to speak to someone else!! She has no idea what is going on!!
  • Jenni Flynn

    Rita's is not here asked the employees and they said it was only here for 2 weeks ???? I love Rita's and was devastated when it wasn't here ??
  • William Burnley

    Otis Nixon, Sid Bream = sad Pirate. Go braves. But pnc park is nice.
  • Julie McDonough

    Beautiful baseball park...for an interesting experience try the baseball club level.
  • Stoney Harper

    Great Park , but my kid got food poison from the food there
  • MiSSJeaNiuS Perez

    Stadium is beautiful, a must see,Manny's B-B-Q is yummy!!!
  • Bob Holtzapple

    It's no Yankees stadium but much better than Philly .
  • Robert Diana

    Great Venue check it out.
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