CONSOL Energy Center

Address: 1001 5th Ave
Phone: (412) 642-1800
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Category: Hockey Arena
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  • NHL

    Fanatic Fact: All-time Pens' great Mario Lemieux is still heavily involved with the team as Co-Owner / Chairman.
  • Charlene Bidula

    Look above where Lemieux's retired number is at the ceiling. you should see a yellow beam. That is the last beam put into place and is signed by Lemieux, other Penguins, and construction workers.
  • Lisa R

  • Sports Authority

    Missed an intense play? You can always view instant replays from various angles on your cell phone, using the "Yinz Cam"a system developed by Carnegie Mellon University students.
  • ESPN

    This is the first time CONSOL has hosted the NCAA Tournament, but across the street in the old "Igloo", the #15 Coppin State Eagles knocked off #2 South Carolina in 1997.
  • Amanda Gribble Wilson

    Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins! Not a bad seat in the house.
  • Christina Pier

    This place is absolutely amazing!
  • National Post

    How will the Penguins fare without Sergei Gonchar? Check into Posted Sport's full NHL coverage at the link:
  • Douglas

    Go to the Smokehouse in the 200 level and order a Kielbasa Grinder. thinly shaved kielbasa topped with kraut and 1000 Island dressing, BEST meal in the area!
  • Dick's Sporting Goods

    These fans won the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE. You could be sitting next to the glass at a Pens home game too. Check the DICKS Facebook page on Sundays to find out how to enter:
  • YinzCam

    Download the FREE Penguins Mobile Android/iPhone/Blackberry app. Connect to the "PensMobile" wifi network on your smartphone and launch the app. Enjoy the live camera angles, replays, stats, more!
  • Chris Mielo

    Let's Go Pens!
  • Amanda Z

    Let's Go Pens!!!!
  • ESPN

    During playoff games, home and away games are shown on the big screen outside the arena. Its an unreal atmosphere to cheer for a Pens victory.
  • Dustin Carson

    Make sure u check out the PensGear store.
  • YinzCam

    Win autographed merchandise every Pens home game ONLY through the Penguins Mobile Android/iPhone/Blackberry app. Launch the app, go to More > Contests to enter. Check @yinzcam twitter for prizes.
  • Shaun O'Donnell

    Penguins hockey speaks for itself! ....beautiful arena!
  • YinzCam

    Go to one of the suites and look for the touchscreen computers mounted on the walls. Go on, TOUCH THAT SCREEN! Enjoy live camera angles, replays, head-to-head stats, a rink-like shot-tracker, more!
  • Erin Kelly

    If there's a big line at the 5th Ave. entrances, walk up the hill to the Trib Total Media entrance. No line there.
  • Randy Foreback

    Be sure to wear some head gear with a chin strap so that you aren't injured by having your jaw hit the floor when you see this place for the first time. Awe inspiring.
  • Gregory Labrador

    Don't drop your phone into your cup of Yuengling. It really puts a damper on Foursquaring
  • Tony Pimpinella

    The Philadelphia Flyers were the first team to win a game in this arena in 2010!
  • Mike Timko

    There's not a bad seat in the house. This arena deserves all of the awards it has received. A great arena for hockey.
  • Dave Kirven

    Pot holes everywhere!
  • Jim Rice

    Enjoy some delicious Timbits...oh wait! Tim Horton's was replaced by Dunkin Donuts!
  • Emile Khoury

    Don't fall off the catwalk
  • Amanda Z

    It is absolutely gorgeous inside!!
  • Matt Szabo

    Great atmosphere for hockey. Big names and lots of talent on the ice. Great for hockey games and other events. I've seen multiple concerts here and they have been a phenom.
  • Erin Kelly

    You can still get a Kielbasa Grinder at the grill by section 206 even though it's a Burgatory stand now.
  • Doug Ray

    Home to the Penguins and the best fans in Hockey.
  • Regis Molyneaux

    After the game check out "Take Over Tuesdays" at Jimmy D's for the best Tuesday night spot in South Side!
  • Jamie-Lynn Kertesz

    Beautiful facility! Not a bad seat in the place! If you want to check out the giant Goalie Mask there's less of a crowd after the game when everyone's making a mad dash to get out of there!
  • Erin Nelson

    Smoke in the stairwells.
  • James Patrick

    Arrive early and visit the top level for a Burgatory burger before the game. Don't forget the fries... and take the time to seek out a Yuengling on draft.
  • Rob Romeo

    Try the veal
  • Scott B

    The onion rings.....way too greasy...stick with the nacho's

    For a schedule of events and more info visit!
  • Tim H

    Stairs behind 216 now open!!
  • Brad Lang

    Get the pulled pork nachos from the Smokehouse
  • Carrie & Stephen

    Scheduled to open August 18, 2010 with Paul McCartney performs in concert. Pittsburgh Penguins play their first preseason game Wed Sept. 22, 2010 against the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Jonathan Wrhen

    Let's go Pens!
  • NHL Network Tour

    Come raise the Virtual Cup with NHL Network at CONSOL Energy Center TGI Fridays!We'll be here until 9PM!
  • Mike Barbaro

    After every Thursday Pens game head to Villa, 1831 E Carson St in Southside, for the after party! $2 Coors Lt, $3 Smirnoff, $5 Ketel One & $5 any bomb! No cover!
  • American Eagle Outfitters

    Head right inside the American Eagle Gate and snap a pic with your favorite players by the American Eagle board. Share on Twitter with #aestudentrush. -Cassie, Social Media Coordinator
  • Painting With A Twist

    The Consol is a fantastic state of the art arena. Something Pittsburgh has needed for quite some time. The Pens have an absolutely great venue. Bring us home another CUP! Let's go Pens!
  • bubbles

    Lets go pens!!!!
  • Shaun O'Donnell

    Lemieux statue unveiling!
  • Mike Timko

    Hit up Primanti's. The chili cheese fries is a meal by itself.
  • Kayla Swiech

    Go to the morning skate/practice!
  • Matt Schob

    no smoking area and can't leave sucks arena amazing.
  • Doug

    Shaved kielbasa grinder changed my life.
  • Esteban Spectacular

    Let's go Pens
  • Mike Gamble

    Come see Paul McCartney tonight
  • Jon Fetch

    Not a bad seat in the place! GREAT stadium seating... just be ready to buy $8 beers and know there is NOWHERE to smoke (no balconies/outdoor areas)
  • Dave Opalka

    Scream Ur damnnnn lungs out!!!!!
  • Mike Conners

    Do not get the cheesesteak from STACKS. It is freaking terrible.
  • Andrew Pollman

    Let's Go Pens!!!
  • Kelly Garasich

    What are the gold seats for?
  • Oz

    Let the Hunger Games begin!!!
  • Greg DiPietro

    Get the Burgatory shakes!
  • Geralyn Holby

    Look for the Elmo balloon in the rafters!!!!
  • Cassie Murphy

    This concert is awesome. Having so much fun.
  • Cody

    I love Mario but the statute is so ugly
  • Rob Wilhoit

    This place has it all. They have hockey games, basketball games and national touring musicians and comedians. A great environment.
  • Abbey F.

    Nicest Arena. Best team.
  • Erin Kelly

    There is decent beer, look for a bar stand (one by 106) or check the concession guide in the Ice Time (p.194?)
  • Mike Barbaro

    After the game head to Jimmy Ds, 1707 E Carson St in SouthSide, for the Pens game after party! DJ Nugget spinning! Free cover! $2 Coors Light, $2.50 Captain & $2.50 Smirnoff 10PM-Mid! Every Tuesday!
  • Ryan Bloser

    Forget the Sushi, stick with the all American Chicken strips and fries!!!
  • Ted W

    RC cola at Consol - really? Worth the $7.75 for a rum & Coke, um, rum & RC- I don't think so!
  • Catherine Tsavalas

    Let's go Power!
  • Amanda Leonhard

    Enjoy some crispy sweet potato fries and get your beta carotene on.
  • Danielle Jackson

    Section 217, FTW!
  • Jordan O'Toole

    At the game with Chadface<3
  • Jonathan Plan

    The Main PensGear is open everyday.
  • Tim H

    The stairwells smell like waffles.
  • Eve McGivern

    Eat before the show. Hot dogs were $7, soda $4 for 20 oz., water $3, and chips about the same. $22.50 for 2 hot dogs, 2 non-alcoholic drinks and a bag of chips. Beer and alcohol runs about $7 each.
  • Nathaniel Beall says - Enjoy the show! Stick around the city after and have a drink or two.
  • Jeff

    Where's potholes
  • Donald E Darnell Jr

    Pretty cool here, never seen behind the scenes of an arena before.
  • Casey Dubler

    Really cool place and awesome people
  • Justin Michel

    Great place to take the kids when different events are in town. Also great for the adult hockey nights! Beautifully built and a great sports venue building.
  • Gene B

    Good place to park for game is the open air parking lot at intersect of Grant St&Forbes Av. I paid $5 for Sun nite gm. <10 min walk.Felt safe walking back at night. Rate near the Center was $20-25.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Kenneth C

    Happy Halloween
  • GlobalPittsburgh

    Connect with the region's globally-minded community with activities and events at Tons of member benefits!
  • Chelsie Lott

    Go early, get good parking, explore the arena. LETS GO PENS!!
  • Jay Murray

    Center ice seats section 102. Sweet! Plus Captain Morgan Club. Go Pens
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Come meet us at the CONSOL Energy Center ,when we play on December 26th! Get your tickets by clicking this link:
  • Bri Avila

    Should be the Flyers home stadium the way we play there.
  • James Watt

    I have 3 recommendations: Nakama, Burgatory & Primanti's. Yummmmm
  • Joseph W.

    Penguins suck
  • Kelli Perschke

    Wait to get food til second intermission.
  • Tony LaMarca

    You gotta try the Sushi. I'm a big fan of the Penguin Roll!
  • Dustin Carson

    Beautiful brand new arena. Go Pens!!
  • Nigel Cammack

    The Penguins of course! Burgatory runs a good second!
  • Sharon Porterfield

    Pens opener.
  • Moochie Donatucci

    First Pens Game of the Season
  • Steve Childress

    Really good concert venue. We had a small seating issue, guest services got us taken care of quickly, easily, and in a professional, kind manner.
  • John Mann

    No Pepsi or Coke at this arena, they only have RC Cola. Try a Yuengling Beer and a Primanti Bros. sandwich. If you need help deciding which Seats to purchase for your next Penguins game, check out
  • James Santelli

    Going to the arena by car? Park at Mellon Square Garage. It's $5 in the evenings and only a half-mile walk to Consol.
  • Gail Bouvy

    If you are handicapped they will take you up in elevator. They also have wheelchairs. Everyone there is exceptionally helpful.
  • Dennis Young

    awesome game. damn overtimes
  • Cik Abang

    Be smile....
  • Cik Abang

    Be smile.... :)
  • Cik Abang

    "We will never know the real answer, before you try.
  • Coby Foust

    Beautiful arena definitely wanna go back to watch my pens again!
  • James Santelli

    Everyone recommends eating at Burgatory. Everyone is right.
  • Jason Totin

    Can't wait for the season to start! Glad I have season tix.....
  • Michael Zanko

    Go Detroit.
  • Don (wilytongue) Shandor JR

    I love the way it is set up for the power games.
  • Julie McDonough

    The seating for hockey games are great, but it's wonderful for concerts...great acoustics!
  • PCTech13

    Go Senators!!!!!
  • Cameron Emerson

    Huge screens! Best place ever!
  • Judy Lipinski

    Skip the bud out rivertowne. Draft and cans. All over but just outside 107.
  • Dan Greenleaf

    Frozen Four Championship.
  • Mallory

    THE Igloo :-D
  • Gloria Li

    Watch Monster Jam here! Wonderful experience!
  • A Noom Twenty

    Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Kim Southworth

    Let's Go Pens!
  • Sharon Neumeyer

    Nachoes with salsa
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Penguins!
  • Jeff B.

    Go Pens!! Grew up going to all your games with my dad, haven't been to the new arena though. Need to get me some tickets!
  • Eureka Tangerette

    don't ask for a glass of ice water, or even a glass of ice to get water from fountain = big ordeal
  • Cristo Leon

    home stadium for the Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Lenny Zucco

    Check out to see what's happening in Pittsburgh after each game!!!
  • Esteban Spectacular

    Welcome to the home of the most exciting team in Hockey. Look around the arena their in plenty of Penguins history around you.
  • Savannah David

    Come watch Sid and Geno score!
  • Savannah David

    Bring a sign! Cheer for Sid, get on tv. Lol LET'S GO PENS!!!!
  • Jen

  • Sherry Darling

    "THE BOSS" . . . ~ (FINALLY) be HERE with The ? Street Band ... & his "Wrecking Ball" Tour on Oct. 27th - ? ? there - !! IT'?? 'OddT????"
  • Sherry Darling

    IT'?? 'OddT????" ? soon!! ? ? . . . "THE BOSS" . . . WOW ~ he will (FINALLY) be HERE with. The ? Street Band ... & his "Wrecking Ball" Tour on Oct. 27th - ? ? there - !!
  • Sherry Darling

    "THE BOSS" . . . WOW ~ he will (FINALLY) be HERE with The ? Street Band ... & his "Wrecking Ball" Tour
  • Gabe Johnson

    Tremendous arena...very versatile!
  • Daun Lutes

    Awesome Hockey Arena! Fun Atmosphere
  • John

    Crosby blows
  • Adam Melquist

    Nose bleed section is even a great seat!
  • Danielle Podgorski

    Monday Night Raw was AWESOME here. I would LOVE to come here for a penguins game some time.
  • Bri Avila

    Should be the Flyers home stadium the way we play there
  • Jesse Lampel

    fuck the flyers! go guins!
  • Addie Conners

    Looking for a healthier alternative? All STACKS locations have both caesar salads and fruit salads!
  • Greg Kulaga

    Watch the Devils beat the Penguins!
  • Ann Lynch

    Let's go K-State!
  • Bonnie Halinka

    The reubens r worth the wait in line
  • Van Blues

    Please adults, the Kid Zone is for kids. Not for you to play Wii
  • Ellen Morgan Fox Amoroso

    Great show a must see for everyone
  • Shannon Neill

    Newest edition to the Pittsburgh sports arenas. Great venue for a game or a concert. Go Pens!
  • Nicole A.

    Try the Morty Steakhouse Burger
  • Kevin Kelley

  • Lenny Zucco

    After the game, join at Villa Southside for the Brand New WTF! Thursdays! 2$ Coors lts all day, 3$ Smirnoffs, and more!! No Cover! Clublike upstairs & chill downstairs! Come Join!!
  • Mike Barbaro

    Head to Jimmy Ds, 1707 E Carson St in SouthSide, for the Pens game after party and Holiday Hangover! $2 Coors Light, $2.50 Captain & $2.50 Smirnoff 10PM-Mid! Every Tuesday!
  • Allie Hart

    Let's go pens!!!
  • Van Blues

    Visit Tommy by 231 and order a Heavy!
  • Lauren Edinger

    Have sat in almost every section in this place and there truly is not a bad seat in the place!
  • Luke Kash Yun

    Kanye & Jay killed it. 11/27/11.
  • Allie Brady

    Some guy named Sidney's face is everywhere. Weird.
  • Angie Byrnes

    Malkin recently donated his suite to Variety the Childrens Charity for a game. How awesome is he!?
  • Renee Steadman Wright

    Don't wear bifocals on upper level.
  • Johnny Onthespot

    Lady GaGa sucks!
  • Phil Stout

    Let's Go Pens!
  • Shaun McKinsey

    Penguins FTW!
  • Esteban Spectacular

    the quest for lord stanley's cup begins tonight 2011 2012 pittsburgh penguins
  • Jim Taylor

    You only want to be in the arena when the Red Wings are in town.
  • Abby Lane

    Download YinzCam app! Best app ever!!
  • David Gamrat

    Wow no smoking section!?!? Well I won't be back EVER!!!
  • Ronald

    Seats behind the bench are fantastic!
  • Nicco Ravenna

    Sunday, March 20. 5:00 pm. PIHL Penguins cup championship hockey game. Hampton vs. Mars. it's shaping up to be a great game
  • Michele Muth

    How many do we need for a mega-swarm?!
  • Jenna Slater

    OMG! You have to try the BBQ loaded nachos! So good!
  • M. Opaliski

    Death to the Pens! (Figuratively, not Literally)
  • Particle Man

    Nothing bad about this place! Wow!
  • Moe Sullivan

    This place has seen more dives then most swimming pools. #Crosby
  • d williams

    coming from out of town? stay at the Marriott...good socializing before the event and sweet walk across the street. oh -- and great women's bathroom here =]
  • J

    How did almost 500 people check-in here when it was just opened to season ticket holders on 8/14?
  • Michael Moeller

    Let's Go Pens
  • ll ll

    Let's go Pens!!!!!
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