Rivers Casino

Address: 777 Casino Dr
Phone: (412) 231-7777
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Check Ins: 37920


  • Tim Tender

    Get your complimentary beverage because at least even if you lose money, you got something to show for it.
  • Frank Tallarico

    Non smokers bring an oxygen tent if you don't want to inhale cancer fumes everywhere
  • Jason T.

    Stay away from the video slots, but play the $1 Wheel of Fortune. They hit
  • Michael Simon

    Don't lose your car in the garage.
  • Peter Guia

    Get your Rivers Edge Players Card, dine at the Grand Buffet and just have a good time playing the table games.
  • Albert Huber

    play the penny wheel of fortune machine.
  • Brad Bitzer

    If you are up on table games, remember to tip your dealer...and if you are down, don't take it out on them!
  • Susan Hirschl

    Ate dinner at the buffet, stuffed!
  • Digital Dave

    Industry Sunday Nights at Drum Bar are dope, check em out!!!
  • Digital Dave

    Hit up Industry Sundays at Drum Bar from 9:30-1:30 the music and drink specials are awesome!
  • I'm Here Where Are You

    Please leave your children with some one responsible an don't leave them in the car while you gamble!! Your kids come first not your Gambling!
  • Cristinella Aloe

    Dueling Pianos thursdays
  • Ryan Sprake

    They have three bike racks as far as I can tell. Two on the river and one up front.
  • Baloney Bridgets

    Be ready to lose and you'll have a good time no matter what
  • Isaac Faded

    Ask for @CliqueVodka at the bar!
  • Digital Dave

    Industry Sundays at Drum Bar with Bill Bara & myself. $2 Drafts, 42 Below, Jack, Soco & more + great music all night!!
  • Carl Ricco

    Frankie if you dont like the place, I've got a great tip, DON'T GO.
  • Kyle Cunningham

    Regardless of sanctioned smoking and non-smoking sections the whole casino floor reeks of smoke.
  • DJ Frankie

    If your here tonight stop by and check out DJ Frankie over at the Drum Bar! It's Friday the 13th. Party!!
  • T.R. Curges

    not gonna gamble...but I AM GONNA DRINK ! bartenders are ....ahhhhh aight nothing special, good friends good drinks
  • Cristinella Aloe

    Find my parents and I will buy you a pizza .
  • Chris Thorn

    Use your player card to get a discount at the Buffet upstairs
  • Amanda Lucente

    Wizard of Oz slot all day!!!
  • Ian Everhart

    Bring earplugs to dull the cacophony of three soundtracks and all the ringing machines. Good thing tintinnitus isn't contagious...
  • Kevin

    3 dollar pregame pounders... Drink some
  • Michael Simon

    Take pictures to leave yourself directions to your car.
  • Digital Dave

    Check out Industry Sundays at Drum Bar from 9:30-1:30. Great DJ's & Great Drink Specials!
  • Nancy Dingle

    Know your limit - and stop before you reach it!
  • Simon Dudley

    Wandered through the casino this morning. Reminded me of a scene from the walking dead.
  • Ronald Harris

    If you provide good service we will tip, no reminder needed!
  • Lauren Demko

    Play Devils and Diamonds. I've hit several times. Lots of free spin chances too!
  • Frank Tallarico

    Don't sit at the lounge at the Drum bar and expect to be waited on. Bartenders are too busy talking to each other as there are no customers here
  • Cong Nguyen

    There is no shoe at the blackjack tables. It's continuous bad streaks forever
  • Brendan Booth

    Yum that's the weakest double seven&seven I've ever had.... 9 dollars? I thought the machines took a lot of my money. Stick to beer they can't water that down lol.
  • William Hurd

    getting. my ass kick in here lol
  • Matt Cain

    Saturday night = 10+ minute wait for drinks at the bar. :-(
  • Jason T.

    Some of the worst poker players Ive seen yet. Be prepared to lose alot of money. You cant price ANYONE off a hand. Theyll chase their pair of 4's against your Aces to the river....and get rewarded
  • JR

    tres lads!
  • Cristinella Aloe

    Holy Thursday Dueling Pianos
  • Cristinella Aloe

  • Brett Rutherford

    Fun casino! Machines are stingy tho lol
  • Daniel Smith

    Parking fee today. Have your Signature, Preferred Players card, parking pass, coupons, or cash ready!
  • Kevin Hanley

    Go early. Cheap tables. Gets worst as the night goes on
  • Colin Seigfreid

    Always play one more hand, ya never know, you could win big!
  • Mia Torres

    Great Blackjack tables
  • John King

    Always bet on black
  • Melanie H

    WARNING: All the bars close at 1:30a!!! And there are a lot of old people
  • Bethany Tryc

    Mommy it ate my money!
  • DJ Frankie

    Happy Valentine's Day! Stop by the Drum Bar for DJ Frankie tonight. 02/15 from 9:30 till 1:30! Come get your dance on! :)
  • Rae Macey

    Waste of money.
  • Dave Kirven

    Check out me and some of the Burgh's best DJ's Friday-Sunday night!
  • Tony Patti

    2-8-10-17-20... Like science
  • Laura Bourne

    Leave a tip at tables and bar!
  • Laura W

    One of my favorite casino's. I love the Sex in the City game!
  • Tom Scherer

    Dear Rivers: 1977 called and wants its soundtrack back.
  • Ronald Harris

    The meaning of TIP is: To insure prompt service. Employees standing around talking to each other instead of waiting on customers should not be tiped. Remember no business means no job.Wake up!!
  • Malik deBar

    Always tip Valet
  • Baloney Bridgets

    Be ready to lose
  • James Orlowski

    If you come for the free drinks, come early. They don't seem to want to refill the ice in the afternoons.
  • Kylee

    Visit the buffet upstairs!
  • Don Foscoe

    Don't park here. It's ridiculous to try and get out after a game
  • Justin Pass

    Paid $10.50 to get my gf a mixed drink at the drum bar. Ouch.
  • Cristinella Aloe

    What good is a casino sans good entertainment. I don't gamble. I sightread and harmonize.
  • Dan Hackett

    Poker room gets a lot of people that don't know what there doing if you're gonna go get up and go early Sunday morning while everyone is at church any other time the place is packed
  • Corey Flannagan

    Be there to officially open the poker room. Thursday. 6:00am.
  • j

    If nothing else go for the free coffee. But bring an MP3 player or you will go crazy!!
  • Michael Knauer II

    Come and burn the family nest egg.
  • B Mack

    It's a casino... Come prepared to lose some money and you'll have a good time. If you double your money it's time to cash out
  • Andy Chasar

    Our first visit to Rivers Casino and not being high rollers, we were able to take a $20 investment playing roulette and turn a tidy profit in a little under an hour.
  • NeNe Jetter

    One Word: Great!!!
  • tolu

    Go to the Pirates game beforehand so you can get a 10 dollar credit for slots
  • Joshua Sutton

    All their promos are a rip off now requiring that you spend $100 to earn 100 base points before they'll validate a slot play promo. RIP OFF.
  • Katelyn McLaughlin

    Great food and drink options. Love the wizard of oz slots
  • Nick Bach

    Tip Jodi when she is working roulette to give her a confident smile...
  • Tiffany S

    Nice casino however I don't care for the ppl smoking in the non smoking areas.
  • Braxton Stedman

    Always come on a holiday late! Machines hit!
  • Abbie Laughlin

    Stay away unless you want to lose all of your money and get lung cancer.. Also worst buffet I have ever experienced.
  • Katharine Crenshaw

    $50 for parking during a Steelers game!!! Will reimburse you if you play the slots for one hour or the tables for two, still seems risky to me! Slots are very tight. I usually win but not here.
  • R.C. Fox

    Free rewards can be worth it if you play smart.
  • Sandra Page

    Great Buffet....??
  • Cordova

    N e time of da day eat n play gots 2 love it
  • Mike Peters

    Typical casino. I just played blackjack and I don't know all of the tricks so the other guys at the table were pretty douchey.
  • Andrew DiPadova

    Play electronic blackjack machine and get moneys lol
  • James Santelli

    If you don't drink beer, the casino offers a complimentary soft drink fountain!
  • Steve Cousins

    At the bar worst bartenders in Pittsburgh. Rank slightly below broads at tilted kilt
  • Mark Smith

    There's an awful lot of smoking in here.
  • Danielle Matis

    Polish hill nachos are worth the trip
  • Julie McDonough

    Beautiful views and the buffet is worth the trip!
  • Colin Seigfreid

    If you get drunk enough you won't realize how much money you're losing.
  • Ricky

    Getting some shitty service at wheelhouse!!!
  • Julia Donohue

    Cant hear the pens game unless u r in the wheelhouse :-(
  • Justin Purnell

    Leave. Quickly.
  • Elizabeth Bey

    Very fun, the drum bar is awesome
  • Geneva Nelson

    Very smoky. Bring an oxygen tank with you.
  • Jerielle

    No free drinks here!! Better pregame!
  • Jackie Kendall

    Great place to eat & have fun
  • Garrett Carnahan

    Make sure you tell your self how much you want to spend here before you start playing and stick to it!
  • Joe Deskiewicz

    Play the Monkeys penny slot machine. Pays out well and often.
  • Malik deBar

    Always tip the Valets
  • Carl Ricco

    Begging for tips is never cool. Do not tip the bitch.
  • Michelle King

    Eat at the Grand Buffet
  • Edward Feldman

    Really friendly people.Some guy just paid for my drinks
  • Ashley

    I'm telling you: When the buses of people are there, the machines are hitting left & right. The second the buses make their calls to board to leave, the machines quit hitting. And Spiral Bar is great!
  • Kevin Walsh

    Always play the streaks!
  • David Pilarski

    Go play poker after a Steeler's home game. Easy money.
  • Josh Fuentes

    The bathrooms here are nuts!
  • Marvin Ortiz

    Bad customer service telling people to go to ask the wrong places to watch the fight.
  • Blake Ringholz

    Black Jack shoes are more expense to play then the constant shufflers, but worth it.
  • MCG Jazz

    From here, you're just a mile from MCG Jazz! Go for the buffet, it's awesome, then come up river for great jazz.
  • Sas

    Banana king is a cult following!!
  • Mike Dudkowski

    Great buffet! Enjoyed the poker room.
  • Eric O.

    Worst place to get a taxi in Americas worst taxi city - plan ahead.
  • delainanicole

    The 777 draft beer is not very good. Tastes kind of old or sour.
  • Vincent Reda

    Make sure Everyone is Nice to Security!!!
  • shaun quigley

    Hard eight
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