Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Address: 1000 Airport Blvd
Phone: (412) 472-3525
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  • Stephanie Malesic

    8===============D in the face
  • kristine molnar

    You have to go outside for the alternate security check point. Do it for a much shorter line!
  • Gene X

    Free Wi-Fi here and the upload speeds are great - take advantage of this here :)
  • Jorden Beatty

    Ride the people movers and enjoy the awesome sights inside PIT
  • Mike Z

    Try the upstairs alternate security checkpoint.
  • Richard B

    Find the Mr. Rogers display and behold the shoes if a great man.
  • Justine ? Ezarik

    Comfy leather seats and outlets at the southwest terminals. The free wifi is a plus.
  • jon hoffman

    Enjoy the free wifi

    Check out our welcome center located near baggage claim/ground transportation
  • AJ Wolfe

    Dino bones!
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Adam Kmiec

    Save money and time by doing your shopping at Rite Aid. There's no crazy airport markup.
  • Harold Kim

    The 28x bus schedules at the airport are out of date. Use google maps instead. Generally, the bus comes every half hour.
  • Ryan Sprake

    When your stuff is done being x-rayed take it and move out of the way.
  • Dannel Jurado

    Here's a fun game while waiting for the plane: try telling the Pitt, Duquesne and CMU students apart. (hint: finding Pitt students is easy)
  • Aaron Cacali

    Free wireless here is pretty fast - quick enough to stream music at times.
  • Chuck R.

    if the TGIF in the core is crowded, head down Terminal D for another.
  • Andres

    The 28x bus takes you to Pittsburgh every 30 minutes
  • Adam Bauser

    Skip the fast food breakfast garbage. You can have a real breakfast at O'Briens for less than 10 bucks.
  • Todd Christ

    try out the Samuel Adams in Concourse C :)
  • Doug Ray

    Spend some time exploring, there is a dinosaur and a mall
  • Josh Helfferich

    Great place to cry. Highly recommend crying here.
  • Dannel Jurado

    Always look to see if the alternate security checkpoint is open on the 3rd floor. Usually much faster and less crowded because people miss it.
  • NPR

    Welcome to Pittsburgh! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 89.3 (WQED), FM 90.5 (WDUQ), or FM 91.3 (WYEP). Enjoy your trip.
  • George Dodworth

    Free hand jibber! Just say 'no' to the backscatter inspection and receive a thorough and free inspection of your man parts.

    Stop @ TGIF for a drink before/after takeoff
  • Dave Cummings

    Try having your naked body scanned through your clothes with the new full-body scanners! Isn't democracy great?
  • Paul Barbee

    Try the airplanes.
  • Chad B

    Yinz outa check aut them Mr. Rodgers displays dahn in the C terminal.
  • Daniel Stone

    If you hang out here long enough, you will see the real Franco Harris.
  • Samantha Stedford

    Best Airport in the World!
  • Joey Cordes

    Yinz luv free wifi, go Steelers.
  • Monica Takacs

    Security is usually not long but it's terrible during spring break. Get here early!
  • Gloria Crawford

    Use the alternate security check point
  • Chad Rychlewski

    Red lights on the runway mean lightning and closed runways. They won't let you dock at the terminal.
  • Mark Schroeder

    They now have the TSA pre-check service so Global Entry folks can bypass all the big security lines.
  • Bryan ORourke

    If you are TSA Pre don't use alternative security there is no pre line there
  • Seth Vargo

    The airport WIFI is pretty fast - capable of streaming music and movies!
  • Brian S

    New scanners will surely back things up. Have to take everything from your pockets as well as your belt off.
  • Robert Bowles

    Allow extra time - the TSA security checkpoint is usually a mess here.
  • Kevin Litt

    Even though the breakfast menu at TGIF says no substitutions, they'll let you change it up. Try it.
  • Frank Lizzadro

    I'll spare you some time reading tips, most of these dummies don't like the security line and some feel it's undemocratic.
  • Abhinav Sharma

    Security is much faster if you use the "one item only" express line.
  • Edward Oh

    If the security line is long, use the alternate checkpt on the 3rd floor..no one uses it :)
  • c a s e y

    Free Wi-Fi!!!!
  • CMA 412

    sign up for a FREE Godiva reward card at their kiosk in the main concourse. you get a free piece of chocolate every month!
  • Ashle Dyer

    Mondays always have a long security line, but don't panic it doesn't nearly as ling as it looks like it will...
  • Shane Bailey

    TSA Security were total rude-asses, sorry I didn't pack instruction manuals to explain my gadgets to your ignoramuses!
  • Mark Earnest

    If the McDonalds line is too long for breakfast, check out Charlie's Grilled Subs. They have pretty good breakfast sandwiches.
  • C H

    TSA will take your sunblock and then you'll get sun burnt and then you'll be uncomfortable and then you'll be pissed!
  • Joel D'Alessandro

    Alternate security checkpoint is the way to go! Way faster and shorter line
  • @AriannaVarella

    Stock up on your Steelers gear!!!!
  • Fiona Lazar

    Check out the steeler and George Washington statues. Classic Pittsburgh!
  • John Theodor

    Use the alternate checkpoint, the lines are shorter
  • shaun quigley

    Greeted by George Washington and Franco Harris
  • Susanna Fera

    Try nt to check your luggage slowest baggage claim ever
  • Samantha Stedford

    Great day to fly!
  • Michele Napierkowski

    Kids play area in concourse c. Kinda lame, but it exists!
  • C H

    Home Alone it! Even when you don't have to!
  • Geralyn Holby

    Be prepared to go through security! Take your shoes off.
  • Jensen Lugo

    Don't take the alternate security check-point on Thursdays! It's a business travel day and it takes forever to pass through.
  • zachary bonenberger

    i like PIT, but it's floor tiles were laid pre- roller bags. rolling bags and suitcases sure do make a ruckus going through the landside terminal!
  • Jesse Wilson

    cute girls in tall boots anywhere else on the planet = :) cute girls on tall boots standing in front of you in the Tsa line = good luck getting to the gate in time!
  • Ryan Sprake

    Order a vegeterian buritto from Qdoba with only beans, rice, salsa and cheese and they sometimes only charge you $1.25.
  • Jenda

    Traveling with a service animal? There's an animal relief area next to the post office in Concourse D. Even of you're not traveling with a svc animal, go anyway. Seeing the fire hydrant is worth it.
  • Rebecca Eisenberg

    Not a lot of outlets here. Being your gadgets already at full charge if you can.
  • Matthew Grubbs

    Security here is one of the worst organized in the US!
  • Chris L

    Trans States sucks.
  • JP Ropel

    Try Nature's Kitchen just before security check to the left. They'll warm up the quiche and give a hefty portion of salad only 7 and change!
  • Shaun Chapman

    Try the Mediterranean burrito at Currito
  • Doug Ziska

    Love this airport! Security lines are never very long and there are some great shops in the main terminal where all the concourse branch off from! Just wish the had shuttles or buses out. Upgrade!!
  • Andrew Rubinacci

    Immaculate Reception
  • Nicolle C.

    I hate Pittsburgh.
  • Mark J

    Nice airport, nice people, nice city. Only "bad" is security check-in. Much slower that other airport lines I have been to.
  • A

    Nicest TSA agents out of any International Airport I've been to. Probably jinxing myself by writing this, but very nice...never an attitude from them!
  • Luke Kash Yun

    The Andy Warhol wall is sick. Need to hit the museum here before I graduate
  • Mahala Scott

    Don't waste your time with the 28x.... The amount of time you have to wait is worth the cab fare...
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    If you feel like you live at the airport, join an airline airport club to make the most of your jet setting experience. For more travel tips and fun, follow @DoubleTree on Twitter!
  • Patricia C

    My home airport and I hate it. Security is crazy especially in the summer. Not enough plug outlets to charge up. They have free WiFi. If not from PA, no taxes on clothes so shop it up.
  • Ryan Jacob Wood

    Security here sucks... There is always a line..
  • Roxanne Williamson

    Alternate security Checkpoint! Alternate Security checkpoint! Best ever!
  • Ryan Arrington

    Yelling "taxi" at the cleaning crews won't get you a ride on the cart to your terminal.
  • Tina Jain

    The Quiznos here is the jam. do it.
  • Melanie Craft

    Mayorga Coffee Roasters in the center hub (between D and A) seems to be the best coffee option here. Try a double red-eye.
  • Paige Mitchell

    Be careful not to go in the pre check security line if you're not first class...they get pissssssed.
  • Jamil Buie

    Invest in a nexus card and TSA Pre check.
  • Eric O

    If you're a first-time visitor, start looking for dinosaurs as soon as you step into the airport. Pittsburgh is littered with dinosaurs, and the airport is no exception.
  • uncapd

    If you are picking up a traveller, drive thru baggage claim and make immediate left into garage lot. Park and meet them the old fashioned way! $1
  • Avery Jenkins

    Please check to make sure you seat belt is securely fastened. Your seat back and tray table are in the full upright and locked position & all carry-on luggage is placed completely underneath the seat.
  • Jason Cossette

    Brueggers and mcd's on concourse b has no line.
  • Ryan Sprake

    Bar Symon has a pretty good breakfast for being in an airport but laughably renames craft beers.
  • Jared P

    Unlike every other airport in the world, they don't rape customers by gouging them.
  • Peter Mercer

    Going to the alternate security checkpoint saves you a lot of time and skips the line at normal security
  • Christina Rath

  • Zach Austin

    Ask where alternate security checkpoint is. Much shorter line!
  • Corey Clayton

    Look for the signs for the "Alternate Security Checkpoint" on the ticketing level. Much much faster than the main queue!!
  • Lee Lewis

    The Internet does not work at all in the food court so do not waste your time....unless they fix it soon! Bitter party of one!!!!
  • Evan[Bu]

    In my best Bill Murray voice, "I'm not going back to Pittsburgh..."
  • Lisa Booker

    The currito burrito has tofu 4 the veggie ppl out there!
  • Lena Arthur

    There is a fuel station at the airport!
  • Mike Fenton

    When parking, remember your shelter number and tell the parking shuttle driver that number when you return. Remember, shelter, not section number.
  • Robert Christmas

    Looks like a ghost town ...remembering when over 500+ daily flights...what a shame
  • Gus

    It's all good
  • Michael Tchou

    For an excellent sit down breakfast, try Bar Symon, from renowned chef and Food Network star Michael Symon. Was fast and delicious!
  • L.J. DelPonte

    Steelers gear everywhere
  • Kevin Burg

    My goto for long distance travel by air in and out of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.
  • Jenda

    Enjoy the game of getting out of the extended parking lot! With the road blocks and one-ways, the whole family can enjoy!
  • Jeffrey B.

    a train runs between the terminal and the entrance. only one train runs after 11pm, which can leave you waiting for a few minutes. to pass the time, think about how PIT used to be a decent airport
  • Sebastian Frauenholz

    Consider alternative check point when in a rush, airport busiest hours are from close to noon to 4 PM. Plan ahead all the time.
  • Amol K

    The 28X bus costs $3.75 in exact change to go to Pittsburgh. Have your money ready, people behind you are glaring at you fumbling through your wallet/purse for change.
  • Robb Myer

    When in Pittsburgh. Use NoWait to see wait times at great area restaurants. download here. http://bit.ly/1jhHHjj
  • Marco Busi

    AVOID UNITED - 125 dollars for 6 pounds/2.75 kgs overweight bag and disregard for eurobonus status - plus, a very annoying "i don't give a damn" attitude at their business class/premier check-in desk
  • Bryan ORourke

    If you are going thru TSA Precheck you don't have to take off shoes belts or whip out laptop. More than half seem to anyway.
  • Ted Cichocki

    One of the easiest airports to get in and out of.
  • Jesse Howard

    Plan on charging your phone before you get to the airport because there are only 6 plugins in the entire airport!
  • Rob Grentz

    Buy bottle water at the rite aid u can get a 1.5L bttle for $1.00
  • Amanda

    No duty free here, but the dinosaurs make up for it.
  • Timothy Nuernberger

    TSA supervisors are remarkably dense and unwilling to use common judgement, be careful if you bring anything not made by NERF!
  • Joy Michelle

    Alternate check point! Great
  • Nathlia F.

    Wifi doesn't work. Tried several times and just couldn't use it.
  • Barry Granstrom

    Be nice to your Flight Attendants.
  • Brian Henderson

    Charlie Brown is the cheapest and best way to park for Pittsburgh airport.
  • erika c.

    Security wait times are much longer since new scanners were put in. Come early or try for the alternate checkpoint if it's open
  • Richard Cercone

    You do not need to park your car in the drop off zone and make out with your boyfriend or girlfriend! Let them out and leave!
  • Jillian Haney

    Ladies: put purse in carry on so you can go thru short "1 item" express security line
  • Karl Paulsen

    The place to be, when you have time to spare, just fly USAir
  • S. B.

    Pit airport sucks! So do the steelers. It's a common theme in Pittsburgh
  • Joey Cordes

    There's a one-item-or-less express security lane now. Pack light!
  • Justin

    If you get a chance to visit the city go to Monterey bay
  • Will Waters

    Check out the T-Rex on the way to the gates
  • Chris James

    Stop by the GNC in concourse A for a healthy snack or pickmeup
  • Samantha Carricato

    Come visit me at dollar or thrifty rental car :)
  • Uri Shatten

    Park at the gas station if you're waiting to pick someone up and the state troopers at the arrival terminal won't let you sit there
  • Luis Balceda

    Add an extra hour for security on Monday mornings.
  • Sarah Lopez

    See if the 'alternate security' line is open...wierd but super fast!
  • Rosemary Bernth

    They just announced they have Mass here in the chapel. Haven't found it but I still think that's cool.
  • Chris Catlin

    Baggage claim is very slow here. I love this airport and wish they had more flights in and out.
  • delainanicole

    The coffee at the fresh food cafe before security is terrible. Get a latte or something else.
  • Randy Kovach

    the airport security wasn't bad cause we had a wheelchair. but they let us take pop thru. wtf... now waiting an hour for our flight
  • Adam Smieszny

    This airport is nice because it has a Fridays and not a chili's. Eat at Fridays.
  • James Gill

    For convenient info on flights, parking, etc. add the airport smartphone app. Just bookmark www.flypittsburgh.com/mobi to your phone!
  • Chris L

    You can buy fresh Mancinis Bread at Natures Kitchen in the Landside Terminal.
  • Victor Soares

    There's an awesome place across from gate A11 where there are two power outlets and some seats. None of the nearby gates were in use so the area was quiet enough to take a call while charging up.
  • Luisa Bunney

    With Zion!!
  • Nalin Perera

    Go to terminals A or D for seating with power outlets. You won't find workstations though.
  • Westin Lohne

    Such a nice low-key airport. Security is always speedy.
  • Vina Ortiz

    Lots of shopping, and stores aren't allowed to mark up the prices like most airports. Also has Italian brand Pinko's only location in the U.S.
  • Joanie Lilly

    Karaoke while you're visiting? Www.joaniekaraoke.com for the hottest karaoke spots in Pittsburgh!
  • Lauren Bacon

    Airport - busy terminal - car rental
  • Bruce Shropshire

    Good choice of Craft Beer on Tap..
  • ChefFrank Helisek III

    Contact Chef for a Day Catering for your personal chef experience or if here for a Steelers game we will cater your tailgate parties. www.chefforadaycatering.com
  • Jackson Gallagher

    Pittsburgh is one of the most well designed airports. It served as a US Air hub until 2004 or so and now many gates are empty but the shopping and food is still superb and constantly being renovated.
  • chimey chunga

    Just landed
  • Syed Qasim Hasan

    Free wifi sucks. Limited connection, zero browsing. Get with the 21st century people.
  • Joe Reynolds

    Better food is after TSA, not before.
  • Mandy Harris

    Hard luggage won.
  • Tofi Buzali

    Search for the alternative security point on the upper floor.
  • Rick Stephenson

    On the way to Dublin!
  • Ben Steiner

    Free WiFi, decent shopping for an airport and no single monopoly by any one airline keeps everybody fairly honest. Alternative checkpoint is nice for weekday mornings if you don't have PreCheck
  • Alan Harper Jr.

    Boarding for Phoenix
  • Grant Whittle

    Super Shuttle is half the price of a taxi. But have to wait around...
  • Ashley Furmankiewicz

    Pretty easy airport to navigate. Doesn't usually take too long to get through security. Overall a nice airport to fly through.
  • Mire Soto

    This airport has it all even a pharmacy..
  • Christine Sadley

    Alternate security checkpoint is def the way to go. I usually walk right through, no more than ~10 minute wait most days.
  • Thomas Youngs

    Picking up Bonnie.
  • Zach Thomas

    No airport is faster from your car to the gate
  • Monica Bernatowicz

    Heading to Nashville!!!!
  • Claire Castleman

    Alternate security point is usually faster.
  • Kevin Thompson

    This airport is much easier to maneuver than the one back home in atlanta. The people are also more helpful here.
  • Connor Garrett

    Be warned, to my knowledge, there is one and only one security line. You're gonna be waiting awhile. Nice airport other than that though.
  • John Kushik

    Use the alt. security if you can!
  • Jenda

    Extended parking shelter numbers don't match the numbers on the poles. Be sure to note both or you will wind up with a long walk.
  • Bob Mitchell

    Don't go through the Alternate Checkpoint if you have TSA Pre-Check. They still require you to take your laptop out!
  • Dan Gibson

    Go to McDonald's and ask for the Secret Sauce burger. Only place in the world that serves it.
  • Richard Boardman

    Use the alternate security line. Dare I say an almost pleasant experience (-; #wheelsup
  • Tyler Williams

    Fuuuck these people
  • Tyler Williams

    Try the alternate security check-in point
  • Joe Barnabi

    Alternate security is the best. Saved me an hour in line.
  • Sunidhi Gupta

    Huge airport. Lot of options to eat and drink. Take the train to commute between check in and boarding.
  • Jean-Francois Desmeules

    The small floor tiles with large grout gaps is VERY noisy with wheeled luggage...
  • Maureen Allison

    Baggage claim sucks. Takes forever, and there's no WiFi or cell reception near the claim.
  • Eileen Rosney-Storm

    Do the tsa pre-check. Much quicker!
  • Richard Bianco

    Short lines today!!!
  • James Villa

    Avoid the long lines and make sure you have a plane ticket
  • Bob Miller

    If Alternate checkpoint is open, it's a good idea to use it.
  • Daniella Augenstein

    1) Connect to "FlyPittsburgh" for a good Wi-Fi connection. 2) Purchasing the preferred upgrade at check-in is truly worth it. Zero line and first to board. 3) Fly often!
  • Chris Turco

    Decent airport, free wifi, security check sucks no matter where you go.
  • Rob W.

    Free short term parking for < 1 hour
  • Bernhard Erb

    Like the view of the city through the tunnel or Mt. Washington, the airport is one of the many beautiful surprises.
  • Lars Berglund

    Alternate security does not have pre check
  • Cheryl Hayduk

    Best airport !
  • Thunder E

    For slow security line. Go through first class line. They never check
  • Rick Gray

    Free WiFi... But slow and rather intermittent!
  • Mike Cautero

    Allow time to get through security. The yinzers who run this airport have not seemed to figure out a good system (like many other airports) across the country.
  • Gianna Foltz

    Shops and eateries were all closed by 11. Eat before you arrive!
  • Brandon Gross

    Great terminal. Great food options
  • Squeaky Toy

    Just hearing the words "landside terminal" makes me want to punch this airport in the face.
  • Jess Gray

    alternate check in line is much quicker!
  • Kate B.

    Got through alternate security checkpoint in no time at all today (11/30/13!)
  • Clarke Macbeth

    If she makes you late for your flight then dump her. Planes before dames!
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